Off Season? Here Are 5 Things You Can Still Do!

It is that time of the year again, when we all complain about business being slow. With the rains playing spoilsport, craft shows and flea markets pack up for the season. People tend to stay indoors or go out on weekend retreats. Which means, shopping exactly isn’t on their mind. How can an art business like yours leverage on this new found ‘free’ time then?

So what if no one is ‘buying’ right now? There is still a lot of work to do. Here’s how you can make the most of this time.

Indoor pop-up

Plan a home-show. Decide on a date, Invite friends for an indoor show of your work. Arrange your exquisite pieces around your living room on open surfaces like dining tables or coffee tables and let people walk around and take a look. You can consider offering a small discount for all those who dropped by to purchase.


Revisit your stockpile of raw materials and consider replacing it with new items. Use your time to get the best deals online. Or visit craft shops in your area and explore. Find out what’s new in your area of art. You can also de-stash old items or exchange them for new from fellow crafters. There are plenty of facebook groups for this purpose. Work on new designs with your fresh stock and surprise your patrons when they come back!


Get insights

We all know the importance of constantly polishing our skills. Speak to customers, ask for feedback. Find out ways in which you can improve. Work on them. Learn new techniques and upskill yourself. Take this time to study your website footprints or facebook page insights. You never know, you may find a magic formula for success right there!


Reach out

If you’re planning to sell at retail outlets, email or call owners of art store or beauty salons. Schedule a visit and tell them about your plans. Carry some of your best creations with you for the meeting. Create a rock solid business plan that works for both parties and get started. You will end up having a passive source of income too.

Annual plan

Did I just use a very ‘corporate’ sounding word? So be it. If you’re serious about making your business successful you got to have a plan. This off time can be used to plan how you’re going to make the year ahead count. Which craft shows you want to participate in, what theme you want to work on, how many custom orders will your target? Put it down on a sheet of paper or use Google docs for posterity. 🙂

These were 5 pointers on how you can make ‘down time’ in your home based business work in your favour. I am sure you have more clever ideas. Do share them in the comments below.

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