Professional Photography For Small Business! What’s That?

“Customers buy my products only when they see and touch the product, but not online. Why?!!” lamented Lata, a crochet artist and friend who was considering closing her online store. I asked her if she considered professional photography of her products. She said “I do a good job myself. Plus, I don’t have the money for it”. She picks a day for the shoot, borrows a friend’s DSLR, clicks pictures in daylight AND uses props. What more can one do?

Most small business owners will agree that she’s doing all it takes. But there are some key points to remember here.

There is more to it than just using a fancy camera

Saying you’re using the best camera available is like saying you are using the best soil and manure to grow your plants. Don’t you consider how much sunlight it needs and how often it has to be watered? Similarly, there are more facets to a skill than using the right tool and technique. Soham Sabnis, photography expert and founder at Photomitra says “For people to buy them, your products have to look visually appealing. Only a professional photographer knows the right method to do that”

The only way to grow is to outsource

You are an expert in crochet, quilting or decoupage and you’ve done your part. Now leave it to the expert in photography to do the rest. If you want your work to reach a wider audience, you cannot do everything yourself. Like you hand over your order to the logistics company and trust them to deliver it safely, it is time to sit back and let the photographer do his work.

Welcome a different perspective

As an artist, you’ve built the product with your own hands right from scratch. You saw it evolve from raw material form into a full blown masterpiece. You can now test the waters and find out if your customers are going to love it too. Your photographer, rather his lens, can be the judge. Let his pictures tell the story of your creation.

Photo credits: Soham Sabnis

We hope you’re now convinced that investing in good photographs is good for your business. You can clearly state your requirement to the photographer about kind of images needed, number of angles per product etc. Once you get a quote, remember to mention the budget that you are looking at. This helps in saving time and the output is clearly defined.

If you still think you’re not yet ready to hire a photographer for your product shoot, these tips on the etsy seller handbook and the handmadeology blog can help you get started. Here’s a parting tip from Soham about finishing your photos “Once the photoshoot is done, spend some time on processing the images. You can use software like Lightroom or Photoshop to rectify exposure and sharpness so that the images come out clean and sharp.”

Hope this post was helpful for you. And we really hope bad product pictures do not play spoilsport in your ambitious business goals. Let us know your thoughts and ideas too.

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