Strengthening The Dorr Of Friendship With Style

In this post, our contributor Harish Panchabhai writes about two friends and their journey together in entrepreneurship.


Starting a new venture is exciting, but starting a creative venture with your best friend is a journey everyone wishes to undertake. However only few actually do. One such talented duo that I recently came across is Chandni and Madhavi, curators of their brand, Dorr.

Dorr is a handcrafted clothing, accessories & designs brand, which aims at being fun, effortlessly chic and completely functional. Dorr gives a sense of exclusivity to their customers in today’s retail jungle & takes away the hassles of having to visit the local tailor for custom-made jackets, dresses or stoles! That’s certainly a win-win for customers! And their instagram handle and facebook page instantly make you realise that the products can be used by women of all ages!

Dorr Chandni Arora Madhavi Mohan
Chandni Arora (L) and Madhavi Mohan(R)


“Dorr” in Hindi can be understood as a string or thread and it all begins with fabric. A Dorr (Hindi) strings together all our ideas & aspirations with a sprinkle of creativity around it.

Chandni and Madhavi have known each other for a decade and have been best friends ever since! Madhavi adds “It’s been one amazing decade – from joining the same organization post college, to being roommates, traveling together & sharing our unending passion for good food, we’ve always felt that our friendship is built not only on our shared values & tastes but also on our individual strengths.”

It all started when a birthday gift was replicated using minimal resources and was appreciated at work, casual outings and special occasions. That was the birth of the Dorr Jacket, the flagship product of Dorr. Also, the fact that both Chandni and Madhavi have worn jackets in this style for close to 8 years gave them the confidence that this styling would be accepted and appreciated by women across all age groups.


Our inspiration for Dorr came from the varied roles that women around us play, the benchmarks they set in their daily routines, and our love for everything functional when it comes to fashion

Speaking of workplace differences especially while working with a close friend, Chandni said, “There is no formal division of work as we’ve built Dorr from scratch.  But there’s a mutual understanding of who’ll take the lead based on our individual strengths. This ensures efficiency; and of course, having fun in doing what we love.”

What is striking about Dorr’s product line is the perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary styling. They work with different types of cottons, silks, muslin and khadi sourced from across the country. Their mantra is to use everything Indian, and we believe Indian fabric itself is a blend of ethnic and contemporary.

Chandni and Madhavi believe that there’s no time like the present to create something. The current eco-system in India enables one to try and do so too– be it government/ financial institutions, craftsmen, fellow entrepreneurs with specialized skill-sets and of course – the Internet!’

One day or Day one, you decide!

Yellow and Pink Dress by Dorr, Shot by Alisha Vasudev

A little birdie also revealed to us that Dorr products are lovingly referred to as ‘khushboo waaley parcel’ not only by customers but also at the local post office.  So if you want the experience of opening a Dorr package, being greeted and enhanced by its pleasant fragrance, write to them on right away!

P.S. May we ask when you plan to have a range for men’s wear? 😊


A degree hoarder, Harish has a bachelor in business administration, an M.Sc. In Communication Studies and a PGD in International Business and after a short stint in the corporate and media world, is getting back to studies by pursuing an MBA. He’s had a rather nomadic childhood with his father being an army officer. Perhaps, that’s why his love towards various cultures, languages, art and craft grew.

harish panchabhai

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