The Memory Keeper

What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘photo album’? A heavy book meant to hold photographs, right? Obviously, without the photos an album is just a boring heavy book. Right? And who would browse through an empty photo album? Right? Right? No, wrong! Not if you’ve seen what Manu Gupta from Ghaziabad, India makes. I could sit for hours going through the pages of the adorable memory books from A Handfull of Art.

Manu’s scrapbooking skills completely redefine the meaning of an album. Going through each page feels like a journey. These memory books are well-thought of, have an emotional connect to them and above all, are handmade. Even a blank album is a masterpiece! Imagine what it would look like with photographs of your near and dear ones in it. In this small tete-a-tete, Manu tells us more about her work.


How did you start making albums or memory books?

I have been fond of crafts all the time. A break from my career brought me back to the love for crafting. I initially created customized gifts for friends and family and the passion turned full time when people started loving my creations. It has been three years since I started making customized scrapbook albums for, babies,  parents-to-be, and for couples who wished to capture momentous occasions such as wedding or an anniversary.

You make so many albums on the same theme all the time. How do you make sure each of them still turns out to be unique?

Every album I create from scratch is like an adventurous ride. I make each one whole-heartedly with full concentration and attention to detail. That is what makes my albums stand out in the crowd. The album is essentially someone’s life journey, it have to be different and unique in every way!


Have you ever reached a dead-end in terms of creativity? If yes, how have you dealt with it?

That moment is yet to come, I guess. There is so much to learn and grasp and incorporate in the albums that it becomes really difficult to apply all the techniques into every creation. Thus, each album has a different approach which makes it quite unique!

What are some places to buy art and craft material (physical or online) that you swear by?

CraftersCorner in India, they have the best materials and the widest range of all crafting supplies! I also love to shop from the companies directly in USA.


What do you love the most about scrapbooking?

The fact that my effort becomes part of someone else’s memories and every time they look at the album, it brings a smile to their face. That is the most satisfying thing and it truly gives me a sense of joy.

A message for other artists from the handmade community

Dream big and work towards making your dreams a reality. Spread a little smile wherever you go!


See more of Manu’s Handfull of Art.

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