One thing we get asked quite often is what the ‘Co’ in The Handmade Co. stands for. In popular usage, Co. is an abbreviation of Company. But are we a company? If you go by the literal definition- Yes. A company is a group or association of people working towards a common goal. With all the beautiful talented and people we interact with daily,  we are happy we are in good ‘company’ 🙂

Honestly, we don’t know what Co really is. It could be a collective, collaboration, compilation, community. The point is that it all indirectly means the same thing. We are about people! People who adore handmade and are part of the movement. We love to tell stories of these people and their delightful work.

We decided to start by making a comprehensive list of people who we think are doing awesome work. But then what purpose would just a list of names serve if we don’t know the faces, the efforts and the work behind it. So we decided to write their stories instead. You will find the featured handmade heroes here.

As we grow you will also get to learn new things (tutorials) and stay inspired. Please write to us on thehandmadeco.in@gmail.com for any suggestions or ideas you may have for this community.