5 Things To Know Before You Start Your Small Business

Are you an artist who has been creating exquisite handmade art for friends and family for a long time? If you are seriously contemplating turning your passion into a business, Congratulations! You have made the right decision. Here are some things you must know before you take the plunge. You are the captain of your…

Would You Like To Contribute?

If you’ve followed us so far, you know what we want to do. If you can relate to our mission and vision for the handmade community, come be a part of it. We are looking at artists, designers, makers or simply followers of the handmade movement to participate. You can write a tutorial of a…

Meet Leena- The Force Behind Bindurekha, India

We are thrilled to feature our very first handmade hero. Her story is of serendipity, of finding a passion she never knew she nurtured. Meet Leena Gavande of Bindurekha, a premium range of handmade designer accessories. The lady who made a few bracelets and earrings on a whim and made a cool sum of Rs….

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