Because Ideas Are Sh!t

This post is part of The #HustleMax Series By Soham Sabnis

You have an idea? Great! You dream of starting up your own business someday. Awesome! But let me tell you- an idea is worthless, unless you execute it. So stop dreaming, speculating and brainstorming. Start doing it.

Here is my attempt to shake you out of your reverie and work towards the goal- in the form of a poem.


You have an option to stand on the shore and watch the waves. The shops, the sunset and the sand. 

Ideas are just like waves, they come and go, washing away at your feet, taking away some plan with them. 

Ideas are like sand, they make it difficult to walk, make a mess and they always stick to you.

Ideas are like the setting sun. They dip very quickly, leaving behind a wonderful colourful sky – which is like a canvas, ready for the next idea. Only to repeat the cycle.

What do executed ideas look like? They look like a ship! 

A ship which is far away in the sea. Near the horizon. From a distance, we feel, the ship is rock steady. It is very close to its destination. But No! The ship is far from the horizon. 

This ship – executed idea – has traveled the turbulent sea, has seen the roars, has faced storms, has left the shore… It HAS traveled a distance. It has conquered the waves. 

Sea full of ideas is what our mind it is. They make you stand and watch. All day long. The moment you start the work and the ship starts sailing is when an idea turns into a sailing ship. Working on the idea – keeps you going and makes you stand out. 


So what IDEA are you working on? And what is your #HustleMax strategy? The Handmade Co. would love to know!

About Soham Sabnis:

soham profile

Marketing professional dabbling in startup space for 5+ years. Soham is a consultant for growth and sales for many startups. With a big idea head, he is expert in creating exceptionable plans for growth. Photographer at heart, Soham loves traveling. You can check his travel and photography blog here: Pictures Personified

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