Where Are My Customers Hiding?

Passion- The buzzword that everyone is talking about. They tell you that you need to be passionate about your work and everything else will follow. That’s true, for every creative business to survive you do need passion. But for it to thrive – go beyond the regular sustenance- it needs something else. Paying customers!

That’s right, no amount of passion you put in in creating a beautiful piece will ensure you get paid for it. So where do we find these prospective customers? Here are a few things you can do to find potential customers for your creative business.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you’ve been selling in an art gallery, ask local coffee shops or restaurants if they will host your art. Or if you’ve been selling your jewelry in stores, how about setting up a pop-up shop outside some college? The idea is to explore newer markets that you’ve not touched so far. Even if you don’t sell a lot, people will remember your brand name and work. Who knows, you may end up tapping an entirely new market.

Reach out to existing customers

If you’ve worked on a new collection, send an email to past customers telling them about it. A weekly or monthly newsletter that goes out to all your contacts is a great way to keep them abreast with what’s going on with your brand. The more they know what you are up to, the more likely they are to show interest in the things you sell.

Talk about your work

You’re the champion of your small business and you need to show it. The more you network with people, the more chances you have of letting them know about your work. It’s a tricky thing to socialise without sounding like a struggling artist trying to sell, but try it anyway. These are the very people who will be your potential customers and brand ambassadors in the future.

Give your stuff for free

We know this post is about getting ‘paid’ for your work but we’re not suggesting you put up your entire stock up for grabs. Instead, give your stuff as a token of appreciation or gratitude or just as plain gifts to select family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours. But make sure you pick the right people for this. If you give a 4 feet by 4 feet mural to a cousin who lives in a hostel, she won’t have any place to put it up. Make sure the things you give for free are appreciated and well-remembered.


After you’ve done your bit, wait for karma to play out. Your hard work will not go unappreciated. 🙂




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