Saving The World, One Up-cycled Bag At A Time!

Ever wondered what happens when an Economics graduate studies art and gets inspired by the cause of saving the environment? Here is the answer: You get Bhairavi Malkani and her mind blowing work of sustainable fashion accessories. Today, we tell you the story of how A Creative Box, your one stop shop for upcycled products, came into being.

While working on a campaign called Rising Seas and Disappearing Lands, Bhairavi conducted art and craft workshops with environment as its core theme. During one of her visits to the local tailor she discovered that all leftover fabric was never put to use- it was simply dumped. That was when she decided to take the onus of re-purposing it into creating art.  Having harboured a love for unique bags since childhood, she combined it with her new found passion of recycling the leftover fabric. Thus was born A Creative Box– where you can find upcycled slings, clutches, hand bags and a lot more.

Bhairavi is currently working on a brand new concept called Book or Movie Clutches- where you get a clutch that’s created from excess canvas but that looks like a book. “We paint your favourite book cover or movie poster on it” she adds, “Our bestsellers so far are Pride & Prejudice and Meet Me At The Cupcake Café”.


While Bhairavi takes care of the designing part, she has a few freelance artists who make the bags and a team of senior and junior artists who paint the products. She and her team of artists make and hand paint every product wholly by hand at her studio in <>, Pune.

The satisfaction that comes with seeing a happy customer coupled with doing your bit to help the environment is unparalleled

Running a business from home is no less a challenge but Bhairavi stays on track by adhering to a schedule and focusing on it. Apart from product design, she also handles client interactions, promotions and marketing. What makes her and A Creative Box stand out from the crowd are the unique and niche products that appeal to all kinds of audience. All her creations reflect artistic love and warmth for nature, culture, contemporary & folk art.


Destiny does not mean to wait around for things to happen but go out there and make them happen

With a vision of creating sustainable handmade products she plans to bring all artists and designers under one roof. Driven to create products that are handcrafted with local & skilled craftsmanship, she wants to create an eco-system for small scale entrepreneurs where they can overcome budget issues and find a way grow.

We wish Bhairavi the very best in her effort of making the world a better place that’s full of creativity and imagination! You can see her work on her online store or follow her on facebook and instagram.


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